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Step-by-Step Guide: Rectification of Resolution that grants Residencia Definitiva

What does it consist of?

A rectification allows people who have a Permanencia Definitiva permit to request changes to the documentation that was issued, especially when it comes to identity (names, last names, RUN, gender and nationality).

The following is a step-by-step guide to help you complete this procedure:


Go to tramites.serviciomigraciones.cl and select "Rectificación de Resolución que otorga la Residencia Definitiva" and log in with your ClaveÚnica.

If you need to get your ClaveÚnica or recover it, you can check the following articles:

You must select whether the application is for yourself or for a minor.

Then enter your personal information, only if the application is your own. Otherwise, enter the minor's personal information. 

Then click on "Siguiente".

Your contact information must be entered. The email must be one that you use regularly since you will receive the information via email. Then click on "Siguiente".

You must include an image of the passport identification sheet in your upload. It must be readable. Then select "Siguiente."

Select the item you need to modify in the resolution that grants your Residencia Definitiva.

In the example shown before, the first name was selected. Therefore, you must enter the name to be modified. Below that, you must choose the correct name and upload the document that validates the information to be modified. Then click on "Siguiente".


If your Residencia Definitiva was granted after 1960, select "No" and then click "Siguiente".

You must enter your Residencia Definitiva Certificate, the resolution that grants the Residencia Definitiva or the proof of loss. Then click on "Siguiente".

Finally, click on "Enviar Solicitud".


You will be notified through the email address you provided when submitting your application, and a proof of submission will be enclosed.

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