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Step-by-Step Instructions to recover my ClaveÚnica

If you have obtained and activated your ClaveÚnica but do not remember it, you can recover it online by clicking on the following link

Step 1

Once on the website, enter your RUN. Check the "I am not a robot" box and click "continuar". 

Step 2

Select how you want to reset your password and click "continuar".

Step 3

You will then receive a code to your email. 

Step 4

Afterwards, you will need to click on "recuperar ClaveÚnica". Once you see the option on the website, re-enter your RUN and enter the code you received in your email. Accept the "Terms and Conditions of Use". Then click on "continuar". 

Step 5

Finally, you must enter your new password and click "guardar" for these changes to be updated and saved. 

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