If you received a notification requesting Antecedentes y Pago de Derechos (background information and payment of fees for your Residencia Definitiva), you have 60 days to submit the documentation.

TO UPLOAD THE REQUESTED DOCUMENTATIONGo to tramites.serviciomigraciones.cl and log in with your ClaveÚnica or login account (the one used when the application was first made).

Check your Inbox (Bandeja de Entrada) for the request titled "Completa antecedentes por ClaveÚnica." When you click "realizar," you must upload the documentation requested in the "Solicita Antecedentes" notification. After uploading the files, you must finish your application in order for it to be received by the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones. You must include a letter of explanation only if you do not have the requested background information.

PAYING THE FEES: On the other hand, you must pay the Residencia Definitiva fees. As a result, you must log in with your ClaveÚnica or login account to tramites.serviciomigraciones.cl. Go to your Inbox, locate the previously sent application, and click on "realizar." This will bring you to the PAYMENT PROCESS. Once the payment is verified, you will be redirected to the Servicio platform, where you must complete the process in order to proceed.