This article will walk you through the process of requesting an extension of your Residencia Definitiva in progress.

What does this procedure consist of?

It allows those who have their application for Residencia Definitiva being processed but the deadline indicated in the document "Certificado de Residencia Definitiva en trámite" has expired to obtain another document with the extended deadlines. Once this request is made, and as long as it is available, you will receive an email with an extension for 180 days from the document's expiration date. 

Remember that you must wait 180 days to download your first extension.


To request your extension, you must go to Tramites Digitales and select "Ampliación de Certificado de Residencia Definitiva en Trámite" and start with ClaveÚnica.

If you do not have a ClaveÚnica or you wish to recover it, check the following:

  • ¿Cómo Obtener ClaveÚnica?
  • Paso a Paso para obtener ClaveÚnica
  • Paso a Paso para recuperar mi ClaveÚnica


Once you have chosen the procedure, you will notice the following observations:

1. After obtaining the Extension of the Residencia Definitiva in Progress Certificate, the foreigner has 180 days from the date of obtaining the respective extension. Once the document is generated, it will NOT be possible to obtain another one using this procedure for at least 150 days. Use with caution.

2. During the process of extending your Residencia Definitiva in Progress Certificate, foreigners may engage in any lawful activity, without other limitations than those established in the legal and regulatory provisions (Art. 80 of the Alien Regulation).

3. The Extension of the Residencia Definitiva in Progress Certificate expires 180 days after the request for the extension. If your Residencia Definitiva is still not fully processed, you have the option of requesting a second Extension of the Residencia Definitiva in Progress Certificate.

4. To  the status of your Residencia Definitiva application, log in to the Service's website or visit the following LINK.

5. Remember that this procedure is free of charge. Never use your ClaveÚnica to obtain documents belonging to third parties.

Then click on "Siguiente".


You'll be able to view your "Ampliación de Solicitud de Residencia Definitiva en Trámite." To download it, click on "ampliación."


Your extension is valid for 180 days.