This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a Help Ticket. This is done in order to get answers to questions about your application or immigration procedures.

Step 1

Go to and click on "Nuevo ticket de Ayuda" (You can log in from the top or bottom of the screen).

Step 2 

A box will be displayed as shown in the image before. You will have to enter the following information:

⦁    E-mail address.

⦁    Region.

⦁    What you need to consult.

⦁    The description of your request.

You can upload a file to complement your request, then click on "enviar"

Step 3

The following applications are available for consultation:

⦁    Permanencia Transitoria

⦁    Regularización Migratoria 2021

⦁    Estampado Electrónico

⦁    Residencia Temporal

⦁    Residencia Definitiva

⦁    Nacionalización 

⦁    Fines

⦁    Registro Civil

⦁    Consulta de Beneficio Migratorio 

⦁    Others

Step 4 

Following the submission of the request, you will be asked to select a procedure.

*If it corresponds to Multa (Fine) or Estampado Electrónico, you must upload your ID.


You must select the problem you have regarding your procedure.


Once your request has been completed, an answer will be sent to your email address or your request will be associated to a ticket. This will depend on the analysis conducted.