Here, we will show you how to create an account for the following applications:

  • Certificado de Nacionalizado.
  • Certificado de No Nacionalizado.
  • Pronunciamiento de Nacionalidad.


The following applications can be completed through the portal, by logging in with "ClaveÚnica" if it corresponds to the Certificado de Nacionalizado and "Iniciar" if it is Pronunciamiento de Nacionalidad or Certificado de No Nacionalizado.


When you log in to complete the procedure, you must go to  "Hacer Click Aqui" (Click Here) as indicated in the previous page.

Then you will see the box shown before. To register, you must click on "Registrarse".


In this step, make sure to provide all the information requested in the form.

Then you will see a message indicating if "Esta seguro que desea registrar los datos" (Are you sure you want to register the information?). Click on "Aceptar".

The next message indicates that an email was sent to activate the user. Click on "Aceptar".


You will receive in your email a link to enable your access account. Click on "ACTIVA TU CUENTA" (ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT).

Once the verification is done, you will be able to complete your procedure.