How should I request a Certificado de viaje?

This document must be requested through by going to trámites and selecting "Certificado de Viajes". You can also go directly to the following link: pdichile/certificado-de-viajes.

Who is it adressed to?

The Certificado de viaje is intended for Chilean citizens or foreigners who need to certify their entry and exit records to and from the country.

What is this document used for?

It is requested for those foreigners who entered the country as minors and need to apply for the Carta de Nacionalización. 

How much does it cost?

It is free of charge.

What are the steps I should follow to request this certificate?

You must complete the application form "Carta de Nacionalización".

This form must include a picture of your passport or Identity Card as well as a picture of your current residence permit.

IMPORTANT: For minors, their legal guardians must state in the email that it is for an "underage", in addition to the document that proves their relationship with the minor. Otherwise,  this procedure will not be completed. In the case of third parties that require the "Certificado de Viajes" on behalf of another person,  they will have to include the respective power of attorney that enables it.

Where should I send the requested documents?

The documentation must be sent by email to the Departamento or Sección de Migraciones y Policía Internacional, corresponding to your place of residence.

Check here the list of email addresses.