Reconsideration of Residencia Definitiva

When the application for Residencia Definitiva is reviewed by the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones, it may be approved or denied. 

In the event of rejection, the applicant has the option to appeal the decision using the legal resources provided for this purpose. As a result, such reconsideration may only be requested once.

The following are the requirements for applying:

  • The application must be completed within the time frame specified.
  • If a third party files this appeal, that person must be able to provide a power of attorney to support the application.
  • Attach documents and/or additional information to back up your request.

There are no restrictions to applying for a Residencia Definitiva (a current expulsion, previously have filed a reconsideration against the same resolution, or have a valid prohibition of entry to the country).

In case of not complying with any of these requirements, the appeal will be considered inadmissible.

To apply for the Reconsideration, click here.