1.- The image of your passport to be uploaded must include your personal information: number and expiration date of the document.

2.- The Identity Card must be shown on both sides.

3.- Make sure to select if you are the "Titular or Dependiente" (Permit holder or dependent) of the previous residence permit.  This information can be obtained from your Estampado Electrónico.

4.- The Criminal Record Certificate must be apostilled or duly legalized by the Chilean Consulate in the country of origin and by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile  (Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

5.- If you are asked to upload the historical certificate of AFP and health contributions, it must not be password protected and must not be from Previred.

6.- Make sure to provide an email address that you use regularly, as you will receive information on the progress of your application via email.

7.- All requested documents must be uploded in PDF format, with a maximum weight of 2MB.