Step 1

Go to then select "Consulta de Estado de Beneficios Migratorios" and click on "Iniciar".

Step 2

You must read the instructions and then select the procedure you wish to consult  “Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva” or “Solicitud de Visa”.

Step 3

If you are checking your “Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva”, you must enter your RUN without dots and with a verification digit.

If you are consulting about your “Solicitud de Visa”, enter the passport number used on your application. 

Once you have selected the option click on "Siguiente".

Step 4

You will be able to check on the percentage of the progress made on your application.

*Remember that the last application submitted or entered into the system is always shown.

Step 5

Then you must click to finalize the process.