Prórroga Permanencia Transitoria (Permanencia Transitoria Extension)$100 USD
Autorización de Trabajo para Permanencia Transitoria (Permanencia Transitoria Authorization to work)

It corresponds to 150% of the value of the Visa Sujeta a Contrato depending on your nationality and the daily value of the dollar.

Prórroga de Tripulante (Extension)$100 USD
Residencia TemporalBy nationality
Residencia Definitiva

In general $103.134 

With Chilean spouse (Exempt from payment)

Under Age (Exempt from payment)

Carta de Nacionalización

In general  $28.718

With Chilean Spouse $5.744

Under Age $5.744

Widow of Chilean National $5.744

With Chilean child $5.744

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that, in some cases, fees may vary according to nationality, the value of the dollar and/or being exempt from payment (if applicable). 

To know the amount to be paid for Residencia Temporal according to your nationality, go to