When you submit an application that requires uploading a file with more than one sheet, remember to attach the documents in a single PDF that includes all the sheets.


When applying for The Criminal Record Certificate (in some countries the apostille is on a separate sheet).

Check these sites that will be useful to merge your files:


1. Go to the website 

2. ILOVEpdf.com.

3. Choose the PDF files you want to merge from your computer.

4. Once you have uploaded the files you must click on the "Unir PDF" button.

5. When the process is finished, you will see a button that will allow you to download the generated file.


1. To start you must enter the SmallPDF site.

2. You must choose the files you want to join, which can be found on your computer or hosted in the "cloud". You can also drag and drop the files.

3. Once you have uploaded the files, you must click on the "Combina tus PDF" button.

4. After finishing this step, you will see a file available for download.

5. It is important that you have all your files well organized in folders to submit a good application. 

IMPORTANT: Ilovepdf.com and Smallpdf are FREE sites.