The following are the Residencias Temporales subcategories that can be requested from out of national territory.


In order to complete it, you must go to 

(It can only be completed out of the country. Therefore, it will not be displayed on our website at tramites digitales within national territory).

You could log in with ClaveÚnica or by creating an account at the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones and select “Solicitud de Residencias Temporales para Extranjeros fuera de Chile”.

(The entry and validation on our website must be completed by the foreigner applying for the benefit).




1.-Family Reunification Permit.


2.-Permission for Foreigners who engage in lawful remunerated activities.


3.-Permit for foreigners seeking to stay in the country with the objective of studying in educational establishments recognized by the state.


4.-Permission for seasonal workers.


6.-Permission for persons under international agreements.


7.-Permission for religious members of officially recognized cults.


8.-Permission for foreigners undergoing medical treatment.


9.-Permission for retired foreigners and for annuitants.


10.-Permission for former holders of Residencia Definitiva.


11.-Permission for investors and related personnel.


12.-Multiple entry business permit.