1. If they are related to a Chilean national or related to a permanent resident (family reunification subcategories)

2. For humanitarian reasons (subcategories of Residencia Temporal based on humanitarian reasons, paragraph eight of Decree No. 177/2022):

  • Permit for victims of human trafficking
  • Permit for victims of domestic violence or gender-based violence
  • Permit for victims of smuggling of migrants
  • Special permit for foreign women in situation of pregnancy
  • Situation of children and adolescents

3. Requests that by express mention of Decree No. 177/2022 must be made by public entities:

  • Gendarmerie: Permit for foreigners subject to the custody of the Chilean Gendarmerie.
  • Chilean Courts of Justice: Permission for foreigners who are in Chile by the order of Chilean Courts of Justice and permits for victims of domestic or gender violence.
  • Public Ministry: Permit for victims of illicit trafficking of migrants and permit for victims of domestic or gender violence.
  • Ministry of Health: Special permit for foreign women who are pregnant.
  • Servicio Mejor Niñez and Servicio Nacional de Menores: Situation of unaccompanied children and adolescents.

4. Those with Permanencia Transitoria who entered the country before February 12, 2022, date of entry into force of the New Law de Migraciones y Extranjería.