What is Residencia Temporal?

It is a residence permit granted by the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones to foreigners who intend to reside in Chile for a limited period of time. A Residencia Temporal permit is granted to those who can prove that they have family ties or interests in the country and whose residence is considered useful and convenient. In general terms, it allows them to engage in any activity in the country, with no other limitations than those established by law, as long as the immigration subcategory to which they belong allows it. It is granted for a maximum period of two years, unless it is for the subcategory of Trabajadores de Temporada (Seasonal workers). This may be valid for up to five years. 

The spouse or partner of the temporary resident, the children of the temporary resident, of his/her spouse or partner (as long as they are under 18 years of age or are disabled) and the children over the age of 18 but under 24, may apply for Residencia Temporal as dependents, as long as they are studying in an educational institution recognized by the State. 

On May 14, 2022, the Supreme Decree No. 177 of the Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública was published in the Official Gazette, which states the immigration subcategories of Residencia Temporal.
With this, the new categories of Residencias Temporales in Chile come into force, leaving without effect those immigration categories of Residencias Temporarias, Sujeta a contrato and of Estudiante of the DL 1.094 of 1975.  

The Residencia Temporal Permits have 16 subcategories which are as follows:

1. Permiso de reunificación familiar (Family Reunification).

2. Permiso de extranjeros que desarrollan actividades lícitas remuneradas (Foreigners who engage in legal remunerated activities).

3. Permiso para extranjeros que busquen establecerse en el país con el objetivo de estudiar en establecimientos educacionales reconocidos por el Estado (Foreigners seeking to reside in the country for the purpose of studying in educational establishments recognized by the State).

4. Permiso para trabajadores de temporada (Seasonal workers).

5. Permiso de oportunidades laborales (Employment opportunities).

6. Permiso para extranjeros sujetos a la custodia de Gendarmería de Chile (Foreigners subject to the custody of Gendarmería de Chile).

7. Permiso para extranjeros que se encuentren en Chile por orden de Tribunales de Justicia Nacionales (Foreigners who are in Chile by order of National Courts of Justice).

8. Permiso otorgado por razones humanitarias (Humanitarian reasons).
9. Permiso para personas acogidas a acuerdos internacionales (Persons under international agreements).

10. Permiso para religiosos de cultos reconocidos oficialmente (Officially recognized religious cults).

11. Permiso para extranjeros que se encuentren bajo tratamientos médicos (Foreigners under medical treatment).

12. Permiso para extranjeros jubilados y para rentistas (Retired foreigners and rentiers).

13. Permiso para ex titulares de residencia definitiva (Former Residencia Definitiva holders).

14.Permiso para inversionistas y personal relacionado (Investors and related staff).

15. Permiso de negocios de múltiple entrada (Multiple entry business permit).

16. Permiso para refugiados y asilados políticos (Refugees and political asylum seekers).