Residencia Temporal is the residence permit granted by the Servicio nacional de Migraciones to foreigners who intend to stay in Chile for a limited period of time, which may be granted to those who can prove family ties with Chileans or with permanent residents, to those whose stay is consistent with the objectives of the Política Nacional de Migración y Extranjería.

Step 1:
Go to
Then select "Solicitud de Residencias Temporales para extranjeros dentro de Chile".
Remember that if you do not have a ClaveÚnica, you can create an account on the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones website.


Step 2:
Fill out the requested fields.
The RUT (optional) must be entered without periods, with hyphen and verification digit.

Step 3:
Then fill out your contact information.
The phone number must be entered as shown below:
(Example: 9999999999-9)
Your email address must be one that you use regularly as you will receive the information by email.
Then click "Siguiente".

Step 4:
Enter your educational background, profession or occupation and activity performed in Chile.
Then click "Siguiente".

Step 5:
Enter your information correctly and upload a copy of your legible identification document.

Step 6:
Make sure to upload your background certificate duly legalized or apostilled. If it is more than one page long, you must upload the documents together.
*Check the information we have on how to merge the documents in a single PDF file.

Step 7:
Select your current immigration status:
Residencia antigua Ley de Extranjería
Permanencia Transitoria
Residencia Temporal
Residencia Oficial

Step 8:
In this situation, we will choose Permanencia Transitoria. We will upload the Tarjeta Única Migratoria and enter the requested information. Then click on "Siguiente".

Step 9:
Enter the start and expiration date of the current residence permit and the date you entered the country. Then click "Siguiente".

Step 10:

You must select Cambio de Categoria Migratoria and click on "Siguiente".

Step 11:
Select if your Residencia Temporal is as a Titular o Dependiente (permit holder or dependent) and then click on "siguiente".

Step 12:
Then you must select Reunificación Familiar and click on "Siguiente".

Step 13:

You must select if your relationship is with a Chilean citizen or permanent resident. Indicate the relationship with the declared relationship:
Civil partner
Mother or Father

Step 14:
If you select that your relationship is with a Chilean citizen, you must upload both sides of the identity card of the person with whom you are declaring to have the relationship and the birth certificate.

Step 16:
In this step, fill out the fields with the personal information of the person you are related to.

Step 17:
Then fill out the contact details of the person you are related to.

Remember to enter an email address that you use regularly as you will receive the information by this email. Then click on "siguiente".

Step 18:
In this step, the image shown before will be verified with the entered information.

Step 19:
If you intend to apply as a group, you must select yes. You must also add the requested information and documentation for your dependents, otherwise select no. Confirm that the information submitted is correct and then click on "siguiente".

Step 20:

Finally, you will be sent a notification indicating that your application has been successfully received (to the email declared in your application), and that you will be contacted to the same email address when the analysis process begins.