It allows the applicant to request the elimination of an annotation over the loss of Chilean nationality for those who lost it due to regulations prior to the modification of the 2005 Political Constitution, which prevented them from keeping it if they had assumed another nationality.

Who is it addressed to?

To Chilean citizens who have lost their Chilean nationality because they have been nationalized in a foreign country under the text of the Constitution prior to Law No. 20.050 (published in the Official Gazette on August 26, 2005), and who register the annotation over the loss of Chilean nationality in their birth registration, may request the removal of such annotation.

What do I need to apply?
  • A completed and signed application form for the elimination of the annotation over the loss of Chilean nationality.
  • Birth Certificate issued by the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación indicating the elimination of annotation over the loss of Chilean nationality. 
  • Copy of the Carta de Nacionalización legally translated into Spanish, if applicable.
How much does it cost?There is no cost.
How long is it for?Indefinite.
How and where do I apply?
  • If you are in Chile, you must complete the application form and attach the requested documents. The application must be sent to Clasificador N° 8, Correo Central, Santiago.
  • If you are abroad, you may submit the application to the respective consular authority.
Legal Framework

Law N° 21.325, de Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree N° 296.