Tourist Card Duplicate
The Tourist Card is the document issued by PDI to foreigners who have entered the country as tourists
Who is it addressed to? 
To the foreigner who has lost this document and requires a copy of it.
What do I need to apply?

Must meet the following requirements:
-You must have the immigration status of a tourist. Therefore, Chilean nationals and foreigners residing in Chile CANNOT APPLY for it.
-Must have entered through a place authorized for the transit of people.
-Be requested by the applicant. In the case of minors, the application must be submitted by the father, mother or legal guardian. 

How much is it?
There is no charge. 
How long is it?
It is the term granted in the Permiso Transitorio (ex tourism).
How and where do I do it?
It can be requested through
Legal Framework
Law No. 19.628 on the Protección de la Vida Privada, which protects the confidentiality of the data provided.