Recommendations for downloading your Estampado Electrónico.

1. Identification Document

You must enter the same identification document used when you first applied for your residence permit.

2. Select country of origin

One of the most common errors made when downloading your Estampado Electrónico is to select Chile as the country that issues the document. Remember to enter the country that issued your document.

3. Temporary Residence as a Dependent

The holder of the Residencia Temporal permit must download their Estampado Electrónico first, so that the dependents could dowload theirs as well. 

4. Verify your Residencia Temporal payment

Remember to verify that the payment of your Residencia Temporal permit has been made (if applicable).

5. Work Permit

If you have a work permit, make sure that it has been paid to download the Estampado Electrónico.