It is a permit to reside indefinitely in Chile, which allows the applicant to engage in any lawful activity.
Who is it addressed to?
To foreigners who have a valid visa (Residencia Temporal) and have applied for Residencia Definitiva. They must have resided in the country for at least twenty-four months.
What do I need to apply?

If you need to check the updated list of the requirements to apply for the Residencia Definitiva, you can click on the following LINK.

*The certificate of criminal and/or judicial record of the country of origin is required for all nationalities. The application will only be accepted digitally through the website, while meeting all the requirements.

*All documents issued abroad or by the respective consular representative in Chile must be apostilled or duly legalized, in accordance to Articles No. 345 and 345 bis of the Code of Procedimiento Civil. In addition, any document that is in a language other than Spanish or English must be translated.

How much is it?
To check the fees for Residencia Definitiva, you must click on the following LINK.
How long is it for?


*The Residencia Definitiva will be tacitly revoked when the person is out the country for a period of more than two consecutive years,  unless the applicant requests the extension of such term, before its expiration date.

The extension must be requested at the respective Chilean Consulate, which will be valid for a period of two years and will be granted only once.

How and where do I apply?
Residencia Definitiva applications can be completed at with ClaveÚnica or login account.
Legal Framework
Law N° 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería.