Application for the Extension of the “Tarjeta de Tripulante”
It is a Permanencia Transitoria permit that extends the stay of foreign crew members within national territory.
Who is it addressed to?
To foreign crew members of ships, aircraft or land or railroad transportation vehicles of companies engaged in the international transportation of passengers and cargo.
What do I need to apply?

-Cabin crew roster or crew list or general statement, if any.

-Tarjeta de Tripulante (Crew Identification Card).

-Documentation to certify the identity and status of each of the crew members, such as passport, crew logbook, professional license or other valid documents issued by a competent authority or in accordance with international agreements.

-Must include documentation supporting the reasons that make the extension necessary. 

How much is it?
$100 USD equivalent in local currency
How long is it for?
An additional 90-day term. It must be submitted before the expiration of the initial period.
How and where do I apply?

The process can be completed through by logging in with your account. Then select "Solicitud Prórroga Tarjeta de Tripulante".

Fill out the form and upload the requested information.

Legal Framework
Law N° 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree N° 296.