How to get your ClaveÚnica

The ClaveÚnica is used to obtain various online services and benefits offered by the State.
Who is it addressed to?
To those over 14 years of age.
What do I need to apply?

-A valid Identity card in good condition

-If the request is made by a third person, the original power of attorney or general mandate with such power must be attached (only in offices).

How much does it cost?

There is no cost.

How long does it last?


How and where can I apply? 

Via telematic: through a video call with an executive of the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación. Go to and schedule your appointment. One hour before the appointment you will receive an email with the link to the video call, which can be made from your computer or cell phone. You must have your identity card and it must only be made by the interested party. 

In person: at any office of the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación or the ChileAtiende network, requesting it at the service desk by presenting a valid identity card. You can also obtain it at the Civil Digital self-service totems of the Registro Civil or the ChileAtiende network, using your ID card and fingerprint.