This procedure will allow you to make your fine calculation easily and completely online. 

Among other benefits:

-Have access from any place, at any time. Either from your phone or computer.

-You can obtain the amount of your fine without the need for appointments or having to wait in line. 

-Choose the payment method that suits you best, paying in Chilean pesos.

*You can also pay with PayPal by choosing the payment option Tesoreria General, and then PayPal.

Check all documents in digital format and receive a copy of them in your email. 

Who is it addressed to?

-To foreigners who violate the norms established in Extranjeria legislation.

-Expiration of a residence permit (Article 107/119)

-Working without being authorized to do so (Article 109).

What do I need to apply?

-Complete the application form on the website 

-Know the payment methods 

How much is it?

It will depend on the period during which the infraction occurred, whether or not it is the first time the foreigner has committed the  infraction and if it has been more than one infraction. 

How long is it?The Resolucion Extenta (Exempt Resolution) gives the foreigner 10 days to adjust their immigration status or to leave the country.
How and where do I apply?

The preocedure can be completed through by loggin in with your account, (if you have not registered yet, check the following article: ¿Cómo crear una cuenta en el Servicio Nacional de Migraciones?

Then you must select "Calculo de multa". 

Fill out the application form and upload the requested data. 

Legal FrameworkLaw N° 21.325, de Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree N° 296.