Permanencia Transitoria Extension
It consists of extending the foreigner's stay in national territory for an additional 90 days.
Who is it addressed to?
To foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Chile for another 90 days from the expiration date of their first permit.
What do I need to apply?

Identification sheet of the document used to enter the country (Passport, Identity Card, etc.)

Legible, valid and the original Permiso Transitorio Card or valid Tarjeta de Turismo 

Request Letter indicating the reasons that make the extension necessary and supporting information.

Documents that certify through lawful means that there are sufficient financial resources to allow their stay in the country. 

How much is it?

$100 USD equivalent in national currency, without distinction of nationality. The payment is made when applying for the benefit.

Foreigners under the age of 18 are exempt from payment.

How long is it for?
90 days from the expiration date of the first permit.
How and where do I apply?

It can be completed at tramites. by logging in with your account (If you have not registered yet, you must create an account).

Then you must select "Solicitud de Prórroga de Permanencia Transitoria" and upload the requested documentation. 

Legal FrameworkLaw No. 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree No. 296, Decree No. 23, which states the immigration subcategories of Permanencia Transitoria.