Go to and select "Solicitud de autorización de trabajo para Permanencia Transitoria". 

Click on "Start with Clave Única". Once in the procedure, log in with your ClaveÚnica. Otherwise, you will need to create an account on the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones website in order to log in to make your request.

Check the following article if you wish to create an account:  ¿Cómo crear una cuenta en el Servicio Nacional de Migraciones?

IMPORTANT: The information entered must be correct. Any error will result in your application being rejected.


Then read the terms and conditions for the Permanencia Transitoria work authorization. 

If you agree, check the box with the "Yes, I certify" and click "Siguiente".



Before you start, you must choose where the applicant for this application is located and the type of activity to be performed:

- Members of public entertainers

- Athletes

- Lecturers

- Consultants

-Technical experts


You must indicate which type of application you wish to make:

-Paid work authorization

-Free work authorization

Then click on "Siguiente"


In this step, select who is making the request and then click "Siguiente". 

- Option 1: I am the holder of the information entered.

- Option 2: I am a proxy.

- Option 3: I am an employer.

Option 1: I am the holder of the information entered

If you are the holder of the information entered, you must provide the name, Rut and address of the company where you will provide your services.

Then complete the form with the following information:

- Name and Last name

- Document number

- Cel. phone number

- Address and phone number

Attach your valid Identification Document and click "Siguiente".

Option 2: I am a proxy

If the application is being submitted by a proxy, you must attach the power of attorney and identity card of the person being represented.

Option 3: I am an employer

If the request corresponds to an employer, you must enter the company's information and attach a document stating that you are authorized to take upon completion procedures on behalf of the company, together with a photo of your identity card.


You must enter the applicant's personal information: name, last name, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, sex, type of identity document and identity document number.

Likewise, the applicant must attach an image of the identification document, the country that issued it, the date of entry to the country, the activity performed and the place of entry to Chile.

You will also be asked for the term of the permit requested. 

Then click on "Next". 


It will show that your process continues, so you will need to select "Continuar" to proceed to the next entry stage.  


Enter all requested information correctly.


Attach all the requested information, making sure that the documents are current and legible: identification document, Permanencia Transitoria card and employment contract or letter from the company where you will be working. 

Once everything is entered, click on "Siguiente".  

IMPORTANT: The employment contract must specify the functions to be performed, place and date. It must be notarized and include this clause: 

"The obligation to provide services arising from this contract can only be fulfilled once the worker has obtained the special authorization to perform remunerated activities in Chile".


To confirm and send the form to the next stage (Payment Stage) click on Finalizar.


In this step, make sure to check that all your information is correct so that you can make the payment. Then click on "Siguiente". 

Finally, choose the payment option that suits you best.

 You will receive an email with proof of delivery and will be notified by the same means when your request is resolved.