Permit for Border Residents
This permit authorizes the exclusive entry of foreign nationals who live in countries bordering Chile and that have bilateral agreements that recognize mutual recognition of this permit.
Who is it addressed to?
To National Border Residents and Permanent Residents of states bordering Chile, who are located in areas on the border with Chile and that reside in areas along the national border. This, as long as the border zone is defined by a bilateral agreement with the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores prior inquiry with the Ministerio de Defensa Nacional, and that complies with the requirements stated therein.  
What do I need to apply?
Document or Border Neighboring Registry. In order to certify that you are a Border Resident, you must be registered in a special registry or have a document that proves it, as stated in the corresponding bilateral agreement.
How much is it?
There is no cost.
How long is it for?
The person who enters in this manner may only stay in the border zone indicated in the document or registration, and for the period stated in the bilateral agreement. It may not exceed seven days on each occasion.
How and where do I apply?
The permit will be issued by the Border Controlling Authority at the time of entry.
Legal Framework
Law N° 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree N° 296, Decree N° 23, which states the immigration subcategories of Permanencia Transitoria.