Crew members of vessels, aircrafts or land or railroad transportation vehicles 
DescriptionIt is a permit that allows the entry or exit from Chile to crew members who travel by air, land or sea for work purposes.
Who is it addressed to?To foreign crew members of vessels, aircrafts or land or railroad transportation vehicles owned by companies engaged in the international passenger and cargo transportation. Foreigners who are members of the crews of naval vessels and special ships operating in territorial waters may also apply for this permit.
What do I need to apply?Foreign crew members must have the appropriate documents to certify their identity and status. Such documentation may be a passport, crew logbook, professional license or other documents referred to in the second paragraph of Article 24 of Law N° 21.325.
How much is it?There is no cost.
How long is it for?

Upon entry into national territory, the Controlling Authority will issue a "Tarjeta de tripulante" (Crew Identification Card) to the foreign crew members, which will set an authorized stay in the country of up to 90 calendar days. This period may be extended for another 90 days according to the terms of Articles 75 and 76 of the Regulations of Law N° 21.325.

*The Tarjeta de Tripulante will be withdrawn by the corresponding Controlling Authorities at the time of departure or last sailing.

How and where do I apply?The permit will be issued by the Border Controlling Authority at the time of entry by International Police (PDI).
Legal FrameworkLaw N° 21.325 of Migración y Extranjería. Regulation Decree N° 296, Decree 23, which states the immigration subcategories of the Permanencia Transitoria.