It is a permit issued to foreigners who enter the country and have no intentions to stay. It allows the person to remain in Chile for a limited time. 

No prior authorization or visa will be required when entering and staying in the country with a Permanencia Transitoria permit. This, regardless of those cases in which it is appropriate to require prior authorization or a visa issued by a Chilean Consulate abroad for nationals of certain countries. 

Those with a Permanencia Transitoria permit who are currently in the country will not be able to apply for a Permiso de Residencia,  except for those who can prove that they have family ties with Chileans or with permanent residents, those whose stay complies with the objectives of the Política Nacional de Migración y Extranjería, and in other cases properly qualified by the Subsecretaria del Interior by means of a resolution, prior report of the Service. 

In spite of the requirements established for each subcategory, every foreigner entering the country with a Permanencia Transitoria permit must certify through lawful means that they have sufficient financial resources to remain in the country. 

Permanencia Transitoria has the following 6 subcategories:

1. Foreigners entering the country for recreational, sports, health, study, business, family or other similar purposes.

2. Crew members of ships, aircrafts or land or railroad transportation vehicles belonging to companies engaged in the international transportation of passengers and cargo. 

3. Permits considered in the international treaties that Chile has signed and that remain valid.


4. Permits for border residents.

5. Permit in case of conditioned entry.

6. Official residents processing their missions.